Elegant doors for an elegant property

It was a privilege to work on this stunning property in the heart of London. Francine was looking to replace the doors she uses to access to her flat’s elegant balcony. We exactly replicated and replaced two single and two pairs of white timber doors.

The balcony allowed the team to access the windows from the inside and out, so fortunately no scaffolding was required and disruption to the homeowner was minimal during the work.

The result looks smart and clean and the mechanisms for opening the doors work perfectly. The clever design offers Francine maximum flexibility in terms of opening. Turning the handles one way tilts the doors so they partly open at the top of the frame for increased ventilation into the living area. Turning the handles the other way opens the doors out on to the balcony.

As with every project, we worked hard to ensure everything was perfect down to the finest detail. Francine was delighted with the result and gave Timber Windows top marks in our customer satisfaction survey.