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Are your products manufactured in the UK?

Yes, by our manufacturing partner George Barnsdale & Sons Limited in South Lincolnshire. Duncan Wright, our Managing Director, joined George Barnsdale in 1990 and became Managing Director in 1994. He left in 2002 to set up his own installation company and from that day onwards George Barnsdale have made every product Timber Windows has fitted.

Will I be able to visit the factory?

Yes. Once we have visited to understand your requirements and provided a quotation, you are then more than welcome to visit the George Barnsdale factory. You will see everything that goes into producing genuine high-performance timber products with extremely long life and low maintenance.

What timbers are your windows and doors made from?

We use a variety of timbers and the ultimate specification depends on the product and what colour the finish will be. The main timbers used are Red Grandis (Eucalyptus), engineered Redwood and Accoya. The options available will be discussed during our first visit.

Are you FENSA registered?

Yes we are. This ensures the whole process including installation is carried out in accordance with their rules. Once complete we provide FENSA with details of your installation, you will receive a certificate showing conformance with Building Regulations. More details can be found on the FENSA website.

I live within The Dulwich Estate, will you liaise with them on my behalf?

Certainly. We have been working in The Dulwich Estate since 2002 and are very familiar with the requirements of the Scheme of Management. We will deal with all matters in this respect and there is usually no licence required, nor any fee payable.

Will you be able to replicate the original features of my windows?

We pride ourselves on our ability to do this, be it lead, glazing bars, shapes or mouldings. The key is making sure your windows look the same, without compromising performance or longevity. There are many examples of such work in our case study section.

I have some beautiful stained glass – can this be incorporated into my new windows?

Yes, most definitely. In virtually all cases we can remove your existing stained glass, refurbish it, replace any broken pieces, and then place it inside a new double glazed sealed unit. This means you get to see the beauty of your original stained glass without compromising energy efficiency. Again, check our case study section for examples.

Can my windows and doors be decorated in a different colour inside to out?

Yes, nowadays we can match any colour, all we need is a brand or colour name. We can then identify the RAL number of the closest match. By masking during the spraying process we can provide a different colour inside to out.

Are timber windows and doors as secure as other types of window?

Our customers can be assured of the highest quality timber windows and doors that meet exacting security standards. Our supplier, George Barnsdale, is committed to product testing and as a result we can provide test data from third party, UKAS accredited test house to validate our security claims.

Our windows are:

Tested to BS 7950 security standards - the specification for enhanced security performance of windows for domestic applications.

Fitted with locking fasteners.

Fitted with Egress hinges, designed for safety and emergency exit and with the added bonus of an easy clean facility.

Fitted with 2 point espagnolette lock, plus shootbolts top and bottom - providing overall 4 point secure locking.

Glazed with high security glass.

Our doorsets are:

Security tested to G.G.F. 6.6.2. (Glass and Glass Federation).

Fitted with adjustable hinges, allowing easy maintenance.

Fitted with 3 point espagnolette plus thumb locks top and bottom.

Fitted with high security euro-profile cylinders.

Once I order my new windows, how long is it before they are fitted?

Generally speaking the installation will start 10 to 12 weeks after taking your order. This will be confirmed at the time of taking the order.

Do you use your own installation teams?

Yes, all of our craftsmen only work for Timber Windows and they have many years’ experience in working with fully factory finished windows and doors. They are fully responsible for your installation, and treat every home as if it were their own. We pride ourselves on the skill of our craftsmen and the quality of our work, every customer bar none will speak to you about them should you wish.

What preparation will I need to do before you fit my new windows?

During the first morning with you, our craftsmen will discuss the likely sequence of installation so any family needs can be met. We will need around 1.5 metres of clear space on the inside of each window and we will need any curtains/blinds to have been removed.

Will you need a scaffold to access my windows?

Sometimes a scaffold is necessary in order to replace your windows safely and effectively. This would be established during our first visit. Any first floor bay window will always need scaffold access.

My external walls are rendered, will this be affected during the installation?

It is very likely that your render will be overlapping your existing windows, hence a small element will naturally come away when your windows are removed. In this case we will always make good, in a style to match whatever your render pattern is. Once dry this will need re-painting – made much easier by the ‘easy clean’ hinge used on our casement windows, which means you can access it from inside.

My existing windows have an architrave and window cill/board on the inside, will this remain once the new windows are fitted?

If the existing window can be removed to the outside then these internal timbers will remain. However, if the window has to be removed to the inside of the room, then these timbers will come out with it. In this case we will replace them with new, all factory decorated to match the windows. This scenario will always be explained during our first visit.

How long will my installation take?

This is naturally dependent on the number of windows being replaced, however we will be able to confirm this after a survey.

How much mess is there likely to be during installation?

Bearing in mind your windows may be many years old, there will inevitably be an element of dust when they are removed. However, we make sure that all the surrounding areas are covered with dust sheets, thereby keeping any mess to a minimum. We will also hoover and clean as we go to ensure no mess is transferred to other areas of your house.

Will I ever be without a window in place overnight?

No. We do not leave until your new window is fixed and secure. There may be a slight draught around the perimeter, but it will be secure.

What will be left for me to do once you have finished my installation?

In most cases very little, if not nothing at all. If we have had to make good any internal plaster then, once dry, this will need re-decorating. We will always seal internally with a decorators caulk between your new window and the internal plaster.

How often will I need to re-decorate my timber windows and doors?

We provide a ten-year guarantee against re-painting. Wooden frames and preservative treatments have improved dramatically over the past decades and installing timber windows will not generate more work for you as a home-owner. In fact, with today’s micro-porous coatings, the preparation before re-painting is to wash with warm water and a mild detergent.

What are your payment terms?

We require payment of a 25% deposit at the time of ordering, we then require 50% a few days before starting your installation, with the final 25% payable upon completion.

What guarantees do you provide?

You can see information on all our guarantees here.

What can we do in the years after installation to keep our windows looking as good as the day they were fitted?

Once complete we provide you with an owners’ manual and a liquid spray. If your windows are washed annually, and the coating wiped with this material, the life of your coating will be significantly enhanced. In some cases it may be 15 years before your windows need re-painting.

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